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Thursday, Nov 4th / 7:30 pm / Narva College Foyer

Juhász Gábor Trio / Hungary


Gábor Juhász – guitar,
Zoltán Kovács – bass,
György Jeszenszky – drums

One of our greatest musical storytellers, whose tales unfold on guitar strings and are usually told with a lyrical quality, this time will present his older and newer compositions to the audience with his trio. The Juhász Gábor Trio, according to the band leader-composer, is an organic and stable unit like a three-legged stool, so they can easily sneak new musical twists and turns into even well-known stories, surprising each other and the audience. The group has a lot to choose from, having recorded five albums of music over the past five years.

Most of them are written by Gábor Juhász, but by his own admission, each piece is the result of a collaborative creative process. The same is true of their concerts, in which the audience is an active shaping force, just as in the ancient basic situation of storytelling and sharing. “I sniff the air, I see the gazes, and that’s how I try to choose the song that best suits the situation,” says Gábor Juhász. “In a way, artists are mediators – they sense the vibrations of society and then mirror them with their own technical means. The better you can reflect the world, the better artist you are, in my opinion,” he added. Gábor Juhász has already recorded several albums referring to the cyclicality of nature, such as 60/40 – The rhythmic aspect of existence with Danish trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, or the concept album 1978, which followed in its composition the year circle. It is safe to assume that for these November evenings he will put together a concert show of his own compositions and favourite standards, perfectly suited to the autumn mood.

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